1960 alcoholic drink

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1960 alcoholic drink

D o you love Mad Men? Do the set designs, fashion, culinary delights, and libations of that time delight and excite you?

1960 alcoholic drink

If you or a friend has a period decorated Mid-Century modern home like those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright or Pierre Koening, it will easily take your guests back in time. Borrow some vintage serving trays from your grandparents or pick some up at your local thrift store. Add a few other household items you would have commonly seen in the home, like rotary phones, bar carts, vintage LIFE magazinesor anything starburst.

1960 alcoholic drink

Instead, put out candy cigarettes to help everyone get into mad man or woman mood while being a fun photo prop without suggesting that people smoke. You can pick up candy cigarettes through many sellers of vintage candies.

Lastly, set the mood with the right music. For a 60s soundtrack to play throughout the night, go with musical artists of the time like Rosemary Clooney, Frankie Laineand Ella Fitzgerald. Hopefully after a few drinks, your guests will be inclined to do a few dances of the 60s, such as the Twist or Mashed Potato.

For a retro cocktail party food menu, you will want to go with early 60s era classics. Finger foods were a popular party food during that time. Think chips and dip, mixed nuts, and deviled eggs. All items that can be easily eaten with one hand while carrying a drink in the other.

Stuffed mushrooms were a cocktail party staple of the early 60s, and they will be just as popular with your guests today. Give everything a modern upgrade by using premium ingredients and adding little extras. We added bacon to the top of half our deviled eggs and gourmet macadamia nuts and pistachios to our mixed nuts. If you are going to add meat to something that normally does not contain meat, make half of them without.

Our vegetarian friends were glad to see that half of our deviled eggs were meat-free and only topped with fresh parsley from the garden. Remember, the vegetarian food always disappears the quickest since everyone eats it. With so many people having gluten sensitivities these days, I took our menu a step further, making the whole menu gluten-free. The traditional large cheese ball served with crackers was made into individual mini cheese balls served on picks; I left the crackers at the store.

This is a great opportunity to say hello to everyone as you make your rounds and to make sure everyone knows where they can put their coats, hats, and purses. Preheat the oven to F. Place all the wrapped smokies in a single layer in a large baking dish. Melt the stick of butter and 1 cup of the brown sugar over low heat in a saucepan on the stove while constantly stirring until mixed well. Pour the butter and brown sugar mixture over the bacon wrapped smokies.

Sprinkle the other cup of brown sugar evenly over the smokies. Bake them for about 20 minutes and then turn the heat up to F for about 5 minutes or longer until the bacon becomes crispy.

Be careful when you remove these from the oven because they will be hot!Love it! Too bad I can't eat jellied things, so most of that food is fairly terrifying, but I would have tried your cilantro cucumber Jell-O salad :. You look so pretty! Now I need a '60s party. Wow, I can't believe how much work you put into this party!

Everything looks fabulous except maybe the jell-o salad, sorry! That is just fantastic! You did such a great job!!! LOVED the dress, by the way. Your party looks so great - you thought of every detail! And those earrings just make the outfit. Alejandra, Brilliant. MM is my "can't miss" show.

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You pulled this off so well. Have to admit that quite a bit of your food brought back memories. HA, too bad for those who are skeeved out by the Jell-O salad You are the definition of Hostess with the Mostest!! I absolutely LOVE that you just totally went for it. Have you seen Amy Sedaris' cookbook? She totally has tons of throwback recipes that make me think of your amazing party. What a fabulous party!

Love seeing all of the details you put into it. Great post :. Love, love, love this. You are inspiring, girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Leave a comment or ask a question. Don't be shy! Template design by Georgia Lou Studios. Photos of Alejandra by Christa Meola. All rights reserved.

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Recipes for delicious living, by Alejandra Ramos.N o matter which decade you were born into and later partied inthere's a pretty good chance that you're familiar with the cocktail parties of the s. This is largely thanks to Mad Men -- the award-winning TV show with an unusually high number of drinks poured -- but also because in their essence, these shindigs are a genius kind of gathering.

They get right to the heart of what any great party is all about: the booze. In the '60s, these parties almost always guaranteed lots of hard liquor, tons of smoking and a decent amount of questionable finger foods -- the kind we love to hate now that we're in the heart of the locavore movement, but still secretly adore because there's something highly addictive about Vienna Sausage.

They were predictable and great. There's a reason for the reliable standard: clearly established guidelines were in place and printed in various books for the host.

We tracked down a few of those classic cookbooks from that era: McCalls Cocktail-Time Cookbook fromGood Housekeeping's Perfect Parties fromand The Calvert Party Encyclopediapublished by the liquor company itself in Each book has a unique target audience, yet the universal message is clear: be prepared and have fun.

It's wisdom that could and maybe should be applied to everything you do in life. Looking at these tomes with a critical eye illuminates the era's priorities: First and foremost, convenience. Make things easy, make them fast and make them fun. Throw together a soiree by using quick and speedy techniques, but don't forget to keep things exciting. Pick a theme like Gay Nineties the s, that is and have fans for the ladies, derby hats for the men and Victorian decor.

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Or decorate with a unique table centerpiece like terra cotta pots or sea shells. And never forget that finger food is everything. The recommended amount includes four cold options and two hot ones.

The hors d'oeuvres should be easy to prepare and require no effort from the host during the event, naturally. Are you getting the gist? There's more -- some of these rules are explicit and some simply implied, but here are the 10 commandments for throwing a proper cocktail party, as dictated by the s.

According to the Calvert Party Encyclopediaif you follow these suggestions, "You'll discover all the friendly ingredients for successful parties -- parties with the power to please.

Photo credit: Good Housekeeping's Perfect Parties. Always offer a cheese ball. Or even two. If you don't have a cheese ball you are doing it so wrong. Vegans, this applies to you too. It doesn't matter what you do to your cheese ball -- you can shape it into a pineapple as demonstrated in the picture at the top of this article yes, that is cheese, NOT a pineapple, photographed with that glass.

You can make it gourmet and roll it in almonds. Good Housekeeping's words, not ours. Make it red and roll it in coarsely snipped dried beef. Or make it green by rolling it in parsley. Just have a cheese ballfor the love of god.Thunderbird As pictured to the left, look for the pigeon feces and you'll find this old bird. As soon as you taste this swill, it will be obvious that its makers cut every corner possible in its production to make it cheap. Disguised like Night Train, the label says that it is made by "Thunderbird, Ltd.

Or, if you like to smell your hand after pumping gas, look no further than Thunderbird. As you drink on, the bird soars higher while you sink lower.

The undisputed leader of the five in foulness of flavor, we highly discourage driking this ghastly mixture of unknown chemicals unless you really are a bum. A convenience store clerk in Show Low, AZ once told me that only the oldest of stumbling indian drunks from the reservation buy Thunderbird.

Avaliable in mL and a devastating 50 oz jug. The history of Thunderbird is as interesting as the drunken effects the one experiences from the wine. When Prohibition ended, Ernest Gallo and his brothers Julio and Joe wanted to corner the young wine market. Earnest wanted the company to become "the Campbell Soup company of the wine industry" so he started selling Thunderbird in the ghettos around the country.

Their radio adds featured a song that sang, "What's the word? When Gallo rolled down his window and called out, "What's the word? A mysterious chemical reaction similar to disappearing-reappearing ink makes you look like you've been chewing on hearty clumps of charcoal.Fact: Gin is the best clear spirit on your bar. Its herbal flavor lends itself to refreshing cocktails from gimlets and punches to smashes and martinis.

Bottoms up, because these gin cocktails make us want a drink. Like, now. Celery juice—all the rage! But still kind of a hard sell. This one gets help from apple, parsley, a dusting of black pepper. You can thank us later. A bright golden Bloody Mary made with bruised but still juicy wonderful! Not a fan of blackberries? This cocktail recipe will be just as good with blueberries—or any other berry you like. This is part of BA's Best, a collection of our essential recipes.

Gin and Champagne make a bubbly wonderful duo, which is why this classic cocktail is always a good idea. But I do like that one to be large and very strong and very cold and very well-made. Maraschino liqueur sounds obscure but it's probably hiding in plain sight—and you'll want it for this simple, classic cocktail.

New to kombucha? Dangerously refreshing. If it grows together, it goes together: Sweet and sour from the rhubarb and herbaceous from the fennel, this drink is pure harmony. Go to the trouble of getting all the vinegars for this drinkable brine; you can continue to add onions to it over time, and it just gets better.

This is your starter martini. Try it if you want to be a martini-drinker but aren't quite there yet. A cocktail should be served so cold it hurts, which you should repeat to yourself as you stir. And stir. Check out more tips here. This riff on a Negroni should be served very cold; stir until you can barely stand to hold onto the shaker anymore. The herbal notes of gin pair well with celery in this refreshing cocktail—and bonus points for the cool green color.

Bitter notes from grapefruit and ale balance the floral sweetness of the gin and liqueur—one sip and it will all make sense. A special type of gin brings out the flavors of the peach and make this cocktail extremely crushable. Think of a radler as a shandy that uses grapefruit soda rather than lemonade. Think of this cocktail as awesome. Muddling extracts essentail oils to deliver maximum herb impact.

Tarragon flavors the boozy lemonade here, but basil makes an excellent sub. View Recipe.In a few short weeks, we will be standing at the edge of a new decade: the Roaring Twenties. At least, we can only hope they'll be as roaring and riotous and revolutionary as the Twenties that came before them. Just sans the Prohibition, please. And so, with glasses of alcohol in hand, we'll leave the s in the dust.

Now, those glasses could contain the customary champagne, maybe even a sugar cube or raspberry for extra extravagance, but we recommend going the extra mile and serving up a champagne cocktail at the New Year's Eve party.

It'll be as appropriate in the early evening when guests start to filter in as it will be at midnight, and it'll draw far more praise than just a glass of sparkling wine ever could. Here before you are 15 champagne drinks that will suit the occasion—or any occasion for celebration, really. There's the simplest of simple champagne cocktails called, quite literally, the Champagne Cocktaila champagne punch to satiate an army of revelers, and more than a few champagne cocktail classics meant for drinking the next morning, when the hair of the dog is much needed think Mimosas.

There's even a killer called Death in the Afternoon that only a person up to an Ernest Hemingway-sized drinking challenge could love, with absinthe and champagne. We recommend brut champagne in all cases, as it's not too sweet.

From there, we'll leave the rest of the party planning up to you. Place a sugar cube in a chilled champagne flute, lash it with 2 or 3 dashes of bitters, fill the glass with brut champagne, and squeeze a lemon twist on top.

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Mix rum, lime juice, and honey thoroughly with cracked ice in a chilled cocktail shaker, then pour unstrained into Collins glass. Fill with champagne. We recommend using Puerto Rican rum. Top off with room-temperature brut champagne.

In a punch bowl, deposit the ingredients and a berg of ice. Decorate with sliced fresh pineapple and orange and plenty of fresh mint. Crushed fresh strawberries add a gala touch, plus some flavor. Pour absinthe into a champagne flute and add iced brut champagne until it clouds up at least 4 ounces.

Directions Pour Prosecco into a champagne glass.

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Combine sugar and citrus peels in the bottom of a punch bowl. Muddle together until sugar starts to clump together. Let sit for about 2 hours while not necessary, this does add a little complexity. Brew the tea for about 30 minutes, remove loose tea or tea bags, and allow to cool. Add the juice of the peeled fruit, tea, and bourbon. Top with champagne just before serving and stir gently.

Top with freshly grated nutmeg and serve. Shake gin, lemon juice, and sugar well with cracked ice in a chilled cocktail shaker. Strain into a glass and top off with champagne. Directions Mix cider and cinnamon whiskey in a champagne flute. Top with champagne, then stir lightly until incorporated. Garnish with an apple slice. Half-fill a Collins glass with stout and top up slowly with champagne. Stir gently with glass or plastic rod. Pour cognac or another brandy and Grand Marnier into a champagne flute.

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Pour into pint glass over ice. Add a celery branch to garnish. Pour into highball glass. Add a cherry and pineapple to garnish.

Shake and pour in martini glass. Garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top. Shake vodka with ice until chilled. Pour into martini glass, add olives. Pour vodka, olive juice and ice into mixing glass and shake until chilled. Strain in the martini glass and drop the 3 to 4 olives as garnish.

Strain into martini glass and add cocktail onions. Stir well.

1960 alcoholic drink

Shake briskly and pour into Martini Glass. Add slice of lime to garnish. Stir and strain into martini glass, garnish with a maraschino cherry. Add shaved ice and bourbon. Shake until frosted and pour all into rocks glass. Garnish with a mint sprig.

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Add sugar syrup and lime juice. Top with ginger beer and stir. Garnish with mint sprig. Add cherry, orange slice and lemon wedge. Pour in bourbon. Serve in a rocks glass over ice.


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