Edf airboat

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Edf airboat

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Edf airboat

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If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us by clicking here. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The EDF's are pretty decent, at 4s there's about g of thrust each.

The hull is going to be out of rigid insulation foam. Still have to add the steering mechanism, which will be like an airboat, so this can glide on land. Attached Images edf boat. Join Date Jan Location ca Posts What is the correct COG on airboats?

What is the COG you plan on? Originally Posted by bwells. That was my thinking as well. I wish I had checked that before construction. I keep an eye out on this one. Join Date Apr Posts 1, Will be following this.

Will be changing the steering. Initially was going to do a fin to direct airflow, but because the motor has the cone on the back, it would look weird. So I'm going for broke, and making the fans steerable. Thrust vectoring baby, lol. Good luck, just hope you have strong enough revolving mounts, so your edf's don't cone right off while running I have exp with this.

Originally Posted by Boaterguy. How do you plan on fastening all the equipment to the foam?

edf airboat

Are you using the rigid stuff for insulation on a roof or the blue stuff? Attached Images Untitled.All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Just wondering if anyone here has made or has a ducted fan airboat? I am considering a scratch build just for the fun of it. Yes, I've built one. Gws 55 ducted fan on eight nimh, blue foam boat, about 30" long, 6" wide, slight vee bottom.

Was started for inboard nitro, but wanted something for my son to tool around with. Actually went pretty well, so I tried two ducted fans, my son then drove straight under a dock, lost one fan, back to one only. Blows over easy. Was considering rebuilding it smaller, but already have too many projects. Allright, I am gonna rebuild it, about 12"x6". I'm also gonna go lipoly on it, and try to build it as light as possible. I may even build a mold and make it outa glass and poxy, I can build very light that way.

In my experience with ducted fans, you need to build a nacelle for it, because there are specific ratios that need to be adhered to to get the most effeciency out of the fan.

RC Airboat with 2 ducted fan

Note that the center hub does not count in the fan area, just the area of the blades. Does this count? Not really a ducted fan but this surely helps to get rid of the turbulence created by the propeller. Here is my proof of concept first try at any kind of boat. I have helicopters and wanted to use the spare parts I have. So I went to Kmart to see if I could find a low cost boat. I looked thru hobby lobby boat parts to find some rudders that would work.

I machined some aluminum for the rudder shaft to fit in. So I went to the park near me that has a big lake. I The rudders do a good job of steering it. The fan was loose and would turn a little bit and you loose steering.

Did not have the tools with me to fix it at the lake. Did not matter anyway because the dx7 started beeping for low battery. LOL Hope in a few days I will get to try again. Here's a few pics. Would that make it more efficient? Wowi have got one of the small air boats tried to fit a 40 into it but wheni tested it way to heavy lol it sank.

I had never thought of using a ducted fan unit for an air boat until I saw this thread Now I have another project Needed it like a hole in the head but I think it will be fun.

I purchased a brand new ducted fan unit off e bay last night after reading this thread and have an idea for a very wicked looking shallow vhull boat. I will post pics as soon as I begin construction and we will just see what happens I promise it will be very unconventional. Ok nuff for now more to come I promise. I wanted to go to a vectored thrust but am a newbie to this and would think the boat would not have the control as with rudders.You just need to take a few minutes to assemble the boat and let it surf your backyard pool or local ponds, then you will have loads of fun!

The 5 Best RC Airboats – [Updated 2020]

An easy way to estimate power needs for RC hobby applications is to use watts per pound for sport flying, for aggressive aerobatics, watts per pound for 3D flying. Download and share free model airplane and boat plans.

It started life as the glow version - but after some time in the rafters I continued building it as an EDF. This is a design and build entry for the Multi Engine buildoff II. Kiwi for providing the data to derive the equations.

Featuring thousands of radio control, control line, free flight, 3views and general aviation blueprints, Aerofred is a community of modellers, builders, makers and enthusiasts sharing and restoring old model airplane and boat plans. Aerial footage taken by a drone shows one of the several airboat rescues fire officials in Houston have made. All prices shown in U. One of the questions I am asked the most from my videos and articles is, "What foam do you use for your builds?

Made in Colorado U. Neutrino Series Motors NeuMotor's smallest and lightest motor to date! We had a fascinating and fun airboat tour that included hundreds of birds, several gators, and glorious views. I will build this model using light wood. Best bang for the buck. The boat is a work in progress development idea.

According to Simon, the airboat is made from roughly grams of PLA and took him about 30 — 40 hours to print. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. For Sale is a Glastar with beautiful professional paint. Dynaflite Super Decathlon.

This time not an edf jet but an edf boat!! Look to TrojanmanT28's channel for part 2 of the maiden. Rc nitro boat - toysonics. This collection includes Free 3D files of all kinds of aircraft. Great Hobbies is Canada's leading dealer for radio controlled models and related hobby products.

All our airplanes have been tested and modified if necessary to be adapted to the mechanical properties of new revolutionary filaments such as LW-PLA from Colorfabb. As the temperature crept into the mids and large blocks RealFlight ownersDownload FREE software updates with new aircraft, flying sites and more!

Now you can always have the most current version of RealFlight. Great product for the price. The large box shape in the center is the hatch, it slips over the part on the deck with some grease This is the Brushless Electric Powered, 2. In Stock. The most realistic RC flight simulator yet!

It's the absolute best tool new RC pilots can use when learning how to fly. Sort By. The Ultimate Flying Machine. I wanted to make an air boat that was a bit different, so I purchased 2 brush-less ducted fan units that are designed to be used in model jet aircraft.

FREE Shipping. Here is the link to Made an EDF airboat from a cheap airboat frame, and a multiplex Twister EDF Himax unit, running a 3s 40 amp setup, couple servors for rudder control. Alert for new Listings.Updated: April 9, We have compiled a list of the best 5 RC Airboats currently out on the market. They take remote control boats and drones and roll them up all into one. They work the same as drones do, but they swim instead of soar through the air. This RC Swamp Airboat perfectly captures the look of a life-sized swamp boat and is very quick through the water.

Click To Shop or Read Reviews. Read reviews and show for the Swamp Dawg Here. This unique-looking four-propeller mini RC airboat is becoming increasingly popular, especially with children and beginner RC boat users.

The Whoover Amphibious RC airboat is pretty impressive where features and pros are concerned. This simple and basic yet exceptional RC Airboat has some pretty neat quirks to it, and is great for intermediate and advanced modelers who are looking for something new to add to their collection. This RC Airboat is a fantastic choice for kids who want to get into the game and have their own model. There are many questions surrounding RC Airboats.

The fastest Airboat to date can go up to 90mph on the water, which is pretty crazy. Yes and no. Based on the model and brand that you have, or are planning on getting, oil may be required. The length of a single charge will differ based on the battery that you have. For example, a mAh battery will last you about 10 to 12 minutes.

This is the best way to keep the Airboat, and the gear in and on it, safe until you can pull it out of the water. There are actually a couple different types of RC Airboats to choose from. All have the same similar purpose, but each differs in their own ways. They are like miniature speed boats that soar through the water. They are generally the most basic of their category.

They are fueled by both gas and oil. What a RC Airboat is fueled by depends on their make and model. It could be either gas, oil, or a combination of both.

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This gives them a better advantage where speed is concerned more often than not. RC Swamp Airboats are like miniature swamp boats, which are the boats that have the enormous fans on them. In truth, they are very hard to miss. They run on both gas and oil depending on the model you get or make. RC Airboats, no matter their type or category, are a ton of fun. Now that you know which are the best 5 RC Airboats available, you make the decision on which is the best match for you.

They are a great way to bring drones and boats together and have a day of fun shredding across the smallest to largest bodies of water.

Some models even work in puddles! Overall, though, RC Airboats come in many different categories, have different purposes, and have models that are great for all skill levels, ages, etc.

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edf airboat

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edf airboat

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